Smoking meat, poultry and fish is a popular method of preparing these foods. In fact, smoking meat has been going on for thousands of years, the only change being the methods with which it is done. With the advent of the modern barbeque smoker grill anyone can create tasty smoked meat anytime they want.


For an idea of how popular smoked meat is these days consider the following. There is a restaurant in Newport Beach, California that will exchange an already smoked barracuda for a freshly caught barracuda that’s brought in the front door. The fresh barracuda is then placed in the restaurants smoker for twenty four hours while the lucky fisherman gets to enjoy freshly smoked barracuda that same day.

Of course you do not have to spend your day’s barracuda fishing to enjoy your own smoked fish or meat. You may have to wait a day to enjoy that smoked taste but a growing trend these days is the backyard smoker grill. You can get a barbeque smoker grill from many online sources or your local home improvement store.

The nice thing about a barbeque smoker grill is that it relatively easy to use. Creating a variety of classic smoked meats, poultry and fish is no the realm of experienced gourmet chefs. If you can follow the directions given in any smoking cookbook chances are you can successfully operate your smoker and enjoy your own smoked meats.

So if you enjoy smoked meats why not give backyard smoking a try. It is easy to do and the final reward will more than make your taste buds water.

Tips for Making your BBQ Taste Amazing

Everyone who barbeques has there own methods and tips for how to successfully create a delicious barbeque meal. But there are some standard tips that all who barbeque usually follow to some degree or another. If you follow these suggestions your chances of a successful barbeque are greatly increased.

The most important thing you need to do when barbequing is to control the heat. If your fire gets to hot or flares up out of control you can easily burn and dry out your meat. This is not something that is fun to have happen because it effectively kills the whole barbeque experience.

  1. Rub you grill with oil before your fire it up to help prevent your meat sticking to the grates.
  2. Bring your meat to room temperature before grilling.
  3. Always pre-heat your barbeque. For gas turn on high for 5-10 minutes then adjust temperature as needed. For charcoal light the coals 30 minutes before you intend to start cooking.
  4. A clean barbeque grill is a happy grill.
  5. When using a barbeque sauce be sure to wait until the outside of the meat is cooked before applying the sauce with your brush.
  6. If you are doing kabobs and using wooden skewers be sure to soak them in cold water for an hour or so to prevent them from burning.

Remember, most of these barbeque tips are general guidelines to follow. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a successful barbeque. Use them as a guide and happy barbequing.


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